1.57ct Round Cut D/VVS2 EX-EX-EX GIA 2217885461

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1.57 Round Cut diamond, D - VVS2, GIA Certified
This 1.57 Round Cut diamond, with D Color and VVS2 Clarity, measures 7.40 x 7.42 x 4.61 and has a diamond grading report from GIA
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Stone Length 7.4
Center Inclusions None
Black Inclusions None
Flourescence Color None
Flourescence Intensity None
Diamond Symmetry Excellent
Diamond Polish Excellent
Diamond Clarity VVS2
Diamond Culet Unspecified
Diamond Cut Excellent
Diamond Color D
Depth % 62.2
Diamond Girdle Slightly Thick - Slightly Thick
L/W Ratio 0.997
Table % 58
Stone Shape Round
Current Location International
Carat Weight 1.57
Stone Depth 4.61
Stone Width 7.42
Milky Inclusions None
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